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Ants are social insects which live in large communities and depend upon each other for the survival of the entire colony.  Ant colonies generally form underground nests made up of chambers and interconnecting tunnels where ants store food and lay eggs.  There can be tens of thousands of ants in a single colony.  There can also be several colonies inhabiting the soil or landscape of a property.  Ants require food, moisture, and shelter to survive.  Ants in the house may nest in wall voids, behind insulation, or around wood previously damaged by moisture.  Ants that are invading your property are foraging for food.  These foraging ants account for a very small percentage of the entire colony.  Ants will travel extremely long distances in search of food.  When food is found, they will produce a scent trail, or pheromone trail, to provide direction leading to and from the nest.  Due to this, it is possible that the ant nest may not be located on the property being infested.