General Pest Control – includes spiders, crickets, beetles, etc.

Termite Inspections
Real Estate Termite Inspections are $50.00 and we submit all the necessary paperwork directly to the bank or realtor involved in the transactions.  We try to schedule this inspection during the whole house inspection time, which makes scheduling easier for the real estate agent as well as the homeowner.  Homeowners not requiring paperwork can receive free inspections when they have areas of concern.

Termite TreatmentsWe give free estimates.  We use Termidor to kill a termite infestation on a post construction property.  We use Premise on all pretreatments prior to pouring of concrete.

Rodents The EPA regulations require rodenticide to be placed in a locked bait station to protect children and pets from exposure.  We sell the large bait stations for outside the home for $20.00 each and the small bait stations inside the home are $5.00 each plus tax.  Those are one time fees for the purchase of the stations, and we service them as needed.

AntsThese are social insects that can be a wood destroyer or simply a nuisance pest.  Our exterior and interior treatment is guaranteed for six months for $130.00 plus tax.

Bed BugsAn initial treatment is $150.00 plus tax and includes spraying and dusting to control the infestation.  A follow-up is needed two weeks after the initial treatment for $65.00 plus tax.  Follow-ups will continue as needed on a monthly basis until they are no longer a problem.

Roaches An initial treatment requires the occupants to clean out their cabinets, pantry areas, and under sinks in the bathroom and kitchen.  People and pets need to be out of the home during the treatment and 2 hours after the treatment is completed for $130.00 plus tax.  A follow-up may be necessary two weeks later for $65.00 plus tax, then monthly if necessary depending on the nature of the infestation.

FleasWe recommend each pet be treated by a veterinarian.  The initial treatment will require people and pets to be out of the home during the treatment and two hours after the treatment is completed.  Vacuuming before the initial treatment and every day after the treatment will keep the young hatching out moving through the chemical.  The bag or canister will need to be emptied each time.  The initial cost is $150.00 plus tax with a possible follow-up needed two weeks after the initial treatment for $65.00 plus tax.