Spiders, Crickets and Beetles

The common house pests include spiders, crickets, and beetles and can create a general maintenance issue. Depending upon the size of the problem and your tolerance of the issues will help you decide how often you would like Kaw Valley Exterminator to visit and apply a treatment for these pests and keep them under control.

Some common household pests can bite, however most are harmless to humans. Crickets can bite but rarely do they puncture skin. They do carry numerous diseases which can cause painful soars but are not fatal.

There are numerous species of spiders. Wolf Spiders seldom bite and are not considered dangerous yet can grow very large (which is why they are feared). Black Widow Spiders are usually found outdoors and prefer dark undisturbed places such as corners of basements, garages, barns, and other structures. They rarely result in death but the Black Widow Spider is venomous.

Brown Recluse Spiders are also venomous and, in extreme cases, can cause death and muscle loss. They too like undisturbed places and bites usually occur when humans accidentally come into contact with them while cleaning out garages, under beds, or while rummaging through boxes or totes of stored clothing and different people have different reactions. One person may not even know they have been bitten while another person may have to have surgery on and around the bite site, even people within the same household.

Don’t be frustrated or scared of these pests longer than you have to. Kaw Valley Exterminator helps you eliminate these pests by completing a treatment using a solution for an interior and exterior treatment of your home. You may notice an increase in the activity of the pests after the first few days of the treatment. This is normal activity and means we have done our job and got the pests disturbed and they are running through the solution of the treatment, infecting them. Kaw Valley Exterminator recommends three month consecutive treatments to gain control of the issue. Afterwards, we can move to a regular treatment schedule that works for you and your property.

Customer safety and satisfaction are our priority at Kaw Valley Exterminator and we are pleased to be of service to you in any situation you may have.