Termites are social insects that live in colonies underground foraging daily for cellulose material found in dead plant material, fallen timber, and other wood debris. Subterranean termites are the type we have in our area and can enter your home during their foraging through cracks in the foundation, around plumbing, or even up the exterior basement wall. Once the termites are inside, they continue to forage until they locate thei­r food source, such as paper or wood. These food sources can be found behind walls and ceilings where they are difficult to detect and can continue to work, undetected, for months, even years. Therefore, they can also be called a silent destroyer, destroying your home from the inside out.

The treatment for termites can become costly, so Kaw Valley Exterminator offers a free proposal for treatment and accept a payment plan if necessary. We just want to see that these pests are being taken care of as soon as possible. Customer safety and satisfaction are our priority at Kaw Valley Exterminator and we are pleased to be of service to you in any situation you may have.